Water Process System
Aerobic Treatment
The effluent of anaerobic treatment is further treated in the aeration and clarifier tank to further reduce the BOD & COD and produce sludge from waste water. The BOD & COD of waste water is reduced by means of supplying air through blower into tanks which is utilized by existing microorganism to oxidize the chemical substance.

A mixed liquor of water and sludge formed in the aeration tank is processed in the clarifier which basically separates the solids from liquid in the waste water stream. At the bottom of clarifier, solid substance called sludge get settled which is passed to aeration tank to maintain the MLSS and the excess sludge passed to Sludge holding tank for further treatment. The clarified water which is overflow from clarifier is passed to treated tank.

Client: GNFC, India
Production: Toluene Di-Isocyanate
Location: Dahej, India
System Type: Aerobic Treatment
Technology Provider: Ovivo Singapore Pte Ltd
Capacity: 3200 Cu.m/Day Waste Water Treatment Plant
Service Provided: Turnkey project
Contract Award: Dec 2010
Completion: Work Under progress
Description of Work: Reduce the BOD, COD & TSS from the Waste Water and helps to meet the water allowable parameters as per Gujarat Water Pollution Control Board Standards.