Gas Process System
Liquid Ring Technology
Liquid Ring technology is proven technology in the field of Oil & Gas, Refinery Petrochemical and Chemical industries for the critical process and systems which demonstrates the performance of the system. The unique features of this technology replace various technologies for the specific system. However the system design and performance is areal challenge for the critical application as each on these application are different which needs waste process and system knowledge.

Laksel EPS Technologies with NSB Gas Processing have been successfully designed , Engineered and supplied numerous vacuum and compressor systems for theses industries .

Specially designed impeller rotates eccentrically in a cylindrical housing. It transfers the motor revolutions to the liquid ring and causes the liquid to move in and out of each impeller cell, like a piston.

In the area of outgoing liquid, the cells are filled with gas from the suction slot. In the area of incoming liquid, the gas is compressed and ejected through the discharge slot. During operation, ring liquid must continuously be exchanged to remove the motor and compression heat.

The exchanged liquid is pushed out with the gas through the discharge slot. Sealing/cooling through ring liquid which is feeded continuously into the pump

  • One Moving Part
  • Rotor is mounted eccentric to the casing
  • Liquid fills and empties each rotor chamber
  • Gas is drawn in, then compressed
  • No metal-to-metal rubbing surfaces