Oil Process System
Hydrocarbon Metering System
Day to day vast quantities of oil and gas are transported across the globe, retained and transported further. Mature and foolproof technology is essential. But it is the control through the instrumentation and visualization that make all these processes safe and reliable. Knowing is better than believing. Custody transfer translates to hard cash. LAKSEL offers Turn Key metering stations and systems with all components including flow meters, pipie work, valves, displays, integrated testing and calibrating unit. DCS and other control systems. From consultation through engineering to the final skid for crude to refined products, LPG and all other liquid products in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Turbine & ultrasonic flow meters have been successfully used in the oil and gas industry fro many years. All those technologies provide accurate flow measurement for custody transfer applications compliance with international standards and recommendations such as OIML and Laksel has achieved national and international accreditations for quality and integrity.

we hold approvals such as:ISO 9001, ASME, AQAP, GOST, and many more covering virtually every industry in most ountries. Our products meet all API requirements for custody transfer measurement.


The flow computer is designed with a 32-bit MC68332 MOTOROLA micro-controller associated with 1MB program memory and 768KB RAM memory. Electronic boards constituting the flow computer use the CMS technology. This design can obtain very powerful calculation performances and is a compact and reliable electronic system. Since the flow computer can be used with several types of specific types of specific software, it performs in compliance with the prevailing standard and rules, the volume measurement and determination of refined or crude fluids and LPG.

LAKSEL in alliance with world leading flow measuring principals to offers solution to the Custody Transfer metering system. LAKSEL with the Vast experience of selling metering stations to the Oil & Gas Industry for custody transfer applications uses Faure Herman meters for Liquid metering.

LAKSEL / HupSeng Offshore Engineering & FAURE HERMAN is a leading manufacturer acknowledged as world leaders in flow meter measurement technology, and is ISO 9001 certified.

Description of Work

  • Process Guarantee
  • Full conceptual and detailed engineering for complete skid mounted unit
  • Hydrogen sulfide sour service, Project management & fabrication
  • Procurement , expediting & shipping logistics, Commissioning start up


  • Hydrogen sulphide sour service
  • High viscosity/ Low pour point crude
  • Full modulsr concept for mobile tie run
  • Full cpmliance to API Standard