Water Process System
Nut Shell Filter
A radial media filter with improved design features over conventional types

  • NSF comprises a pressure vessel filled with granular material
  • The granular material constitutes the media bed and can be fine garnet, ceramic beads, walnut shell etc.
  • Separate wash vessel provides online media cleaning intrinsic to operation
  • Wash vessel has a cyclone, sized to separate solids on cut size or density, to accelerate media regeneration by increasing turbulence and scouring

NSF - how it works
  • Influent flows radially and down through the filter bed - maximising filtration area for a given bed volume
  • The use of 2 Tores enables online bed integration.
    Tores hydrotransport - (i) Dirty media from main vessel to wash vessel. (ii) Cleaned media back to main vessel
  • Clean media returned to top of media bed, providing regular replenishment of media online

Fil-Tore - applications
  • Filtration of solids and oil from
    (i) Seawater, (ii) Waste water treatment, (iii) Drilling fluid
  • Produced water treatment offshore and onshore

NSF Packages:

Client: UEM India Pte Ltd, India
End User: Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd, India
Field Name: Ahmedabad &Ankleshwar Assets, India
Location: Gujart, India
System Type: Nut Shell Filter Vessel
Capacity: 5000 M3/Day
Service Provided: Turnkey Project
Contract Award: Oct 2010
Completion: June 2012
Description of Work: Removal of Oil, Grease, TSS, TDS, Turbidity by Nut Shell Packed Bed Media Mechanism from the Produced Water and helps to meet the water allowable parameters as per Gujarat Water Pollution Control Board Standards.

Fil-Tore - benefits
  • More compact due to radial and down flow patterns compared to conventional radial bed filters
  • Washes media while online – eliminates need for standby unit, reducing capital expenditure and downtime, and reducing weight/footprint
  • Media bed is constantly turned over maintaining filtration performance, and is topped up online
  • Tore's concentrate wash water so treatment plants/units treat less volume and hence save costs
  • Wash water can be recycled (e.g. to FKOD on Four Vanguard FPSO) upstream
  • Eliminates need for back washing
  • Eliminates need for cartridges, associated cost of replacements and disposal issues