Water Process System
Corrugulated Plate Interceptor
The CPI consist of a number of inclined corrugated plates mounted parallel to each other at spacing. The raw water containing the oil and suspended solids passes between the plates from top. Laminar flow conditions are essential for the effective gravity separation of the water, the oil and suspended contaminants. In the course of passing from pack inlet to pack outlet, the oil floats upwards into the tops of the corrugations and rises up the incline of the plate to the surface of the system where it is removed by a skimmer. The sludge moves towards the bottom of the corrugations and slides down the incline of the plate spacing. From there the sludge is collected in a hopper to be discharged intermittently through a blow off valve manually or settled sludge cannot recontaminate the treated water.

Separation by gravity utilizes the density difference between oil and water. Oil Globule in water will attain a constant rising velocity when the resistance to motion Caused by the water is equal to the rising force created by the density difference.


Client: UEM India Pte Ltd, India
End User: Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd, India
Field Name: Ahmedabad &Ankleshwar Assets, India
Location: Gujart, India
System Type: Corrugated Plate Interceptor System
Capacity: 5000 M3/Day
Service Provided: Turnkey Project
Contract Award: Oct 2010
Completion: June 2012
Description of Work: Removal of Oil, Grease, TSS, TDS, Turbidity by FRP Plates Mechanism from the Produced Water and helps to meet the water allowable parameters as per Gujarat Water Pollution Control Board Standards.