Water Process System
Tertiary Treatment
The treated water is allowed to pass through pressure sand bed which removes all the coarse and suspended particles in the waste water stream. For further treatment the stream is passed through the activated carbon bed which basically has large surface area per unit volume because of high porosity nature of the carbon particle. As the stream pass through the carbon bed, the impurities, color bodies, sediment and volatile compounds present in stream are absorbed into bed making the water free from all particles and organic compounds

Client: GNFC, India
Production: Toluene Di-Isocyanate
Location: Dahej, India
System Type: Tertiary Treatment
Technology Provider: Ovivo Singapore Pte Ltd
Capacity: 3200 Cu.m/Day Waste Water Treatment Plant
Service Provided: Turnkey project
Contract Award: Dec 2010
Completion: Work Under progress
Description of Work: Reduce TSS & some dissolved organics from the secondary treatment and helps to meet the water allowable parameters as per Gujarat Water Pollution Control Board Standards.