Water Process System
Anaerobic Treatment
Anaerobic Hybrid Reactor under the absence of air so as to reduce the COD by supplying the Nutrients on the upstream of the reactor. The waste water is supplied to the reactor at the bottom by means of perforated distributor. In the reactor, a random packed carrier material made of polypropylene, floats in the reactor. Under floating layer of carrier material, an expanded anaerobic sludge bed is present, making anaerobic filter partially a hybrid system (Loose Biomass / Fixed Biomass)

The Methane gas evolved from AHR is passed to Biogas handling system, where the gas is flared at biogas flaring point.

Client: GNFC, India
Production: EA 50,000 MTPAEAProject
Location: Baruch, India
System Type: Anaerobic Treatment
Capacity: 400 Cu.m/Day Waste Water Treatment Plant
Service Provided:Turn Key Project
Contract Award: Feb 2012
Completion: Work Under progress
Description of Work: Reduce the BOD, COD & TSS from the Waste Water and helps to reduce the load to secondary treatment.