Water Process System
Induced Gas Floatation
IGF utilizes gas bubbles which is induced by “EDUCTORS” to attach to oil droplets which float to the surface, creating oil water separation. The specially designed pump generates large quantities of micro bubbles which are introduced into the flow of produced water. The size of bubbles is critical to the process: if too small, they rise too slowly, while if too large, they have difficulty adhering to oil droplets. Larger bubbles often used in conventional systems have more difficulty adhering to smaller oil droplets due to their higher rise velocity, smaller surface contact area and very short contact time. As micro bubbles rise, they coalesce, enabling them to adhere to larger oil droplets. Bubbles and oil droplets are held together by surface tension, not chemical attachment, so it is important that turbulence is minimised inside the vessel. The micro bubbles are formed outside the vessel, minimising turbulence and shear.

IGF Package

Client: UEM India Pte Ltd, India
End User: Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd, India
Field Name: Ahmedabad &Ankleshwar Assets, India
Location: Gujart, India
System Type: Induced Gas Flotation Vessel
Capacity: 5000 M3/Day
Service Provided: Turnkey Project
Contract Award: Oct 2010
Completion: June 2012
Description of Work: Removal of Oil, Grease, TSS, TDS, Turbidity by Bubble Generation Mechanism from the Produced Water and helps to meet the water allowable parameters as per Gujarat Water Pollution Control Board Standards.