Gas Process System
Special Feature of LAKSEL / NSB


The design life of Laksel/NSB bearings is more than 25 years for normal operating conditions and proper maintenance. Also Laksel/NSB design does not require thrust bearings since axial loads are minimal on account of balanced operational loads. The anti-friction ball bearings are capable of withstanding combined and radial loads.

Stage Compressors

Laksel/NSB Compressors are Single & Double Stage Compressors which means they are simpler in design, fewer parts and are highly reliable

Tip Speed

Laksel/NSB Liquid Ring Compressors operates at tip speed close to 25 m/s, thereby reducing the rate of erosion, vibration..


Maintenance of Laksel/NSB compressors is minimal since there are no metal-to-metal contacts, no wearing surfaces, no rubbing parts and the only lubrication required is of external bearings which support the shaft.

Less prone to blade breakage

Laksel/NSB fully enclosed side–shrouded rotor of the Cylindrical design is inherently stiffer and thereby less prone to blade breakage.

Rotor Design

The Centered Rotor of double lobed cylindrical compressor has diametrically opposed porting with counter discharge pressure and forces eliminating shaft deflections.

Volumetric Efficiency

The Volumetric Efficiency of the Laksel/NSB Liquid Ring Compressors is approximately 90%.


The ability to tolerate changes in process flow and maintain pressure and temperature control is enhanced by the Laksel/NSB unique conical port design.

Operating Temperatures

Operating Temperatures are low on account of seal liquid and the compression is Isothermal.

Heat Removal Capacity

Careful considerations should be given to the low molecular weight case. If the molecular weight is low enough [High Hydrogen Content] the gas can have insufficient heat removal capacity. This could result in expansion of the screw compressor rotors to a point where they seize up. This does not happen with Laksel/NSB LRC because of inherent cooling properties.

Temperature Sensible

The lower temperature in compression action , makes Laksel/NSB Compressor less sensible to the temperature variation. In contrast the Higher temperature of screw type compressor are not acceptable and the protection system would cause continuous shutdowns , leaving the gas flaring until normal operations are restored.

Operating Principle

The Laksel/NSB liquid ring operating principle enables the unit to handle carryover of scum or liquid carryover without damage to the unit or loss of performance.

Saturated Vapors

The Laksel/NSB compressors are designed to handled wet or saturated vapors.

Process Upset Conditions

The Laksel/NSB compressors are tolerant to Process upset conditions as well as higher suction temperatures.

Screw Compressors

The Laksel/NSB Compressors does not contain vanes, valves, and timing gears or chains and are therefore simple to operate and maintain when compared to Screw compressors.

Removal Water Condensable Gases

The Laksel/NSB Compressor can remove water condensable gases like HCL , NH3 and can also work with 98% wet H2S , unlike other compressors. All in all, Laksel/NSB compressors are well suited for dirty applications.

Higher energy value of the gas

Vent gas consists of hydrocarbons, water , carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide. Both Carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide are soluble in water. When the gas passes through the Laksel/NSB liquid ring compressors, some of the carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide gets dissolved in the seal water. All in all, the concentration of the Hydrocarbons will increase thus resulting in higher energy value of the gas.

Available Material of Construction

Laksel/NSB SB compressor models are available in SS material of constructions, which is best suited to handle corrosive gases.

Handle Explosive Gases

Vent gas may be explosive at certain concentrations. The Laksel/NSB liquid ring compressors have been used extensively in the petroleum and chemical industries to handle explosive gases. They can actually, due to the presence of water ring, snub pipeline detonation. All in all, these Compressor act as flame arrestor