Gas Process System
Chemical Vapour Handled
We can design and Engineer and supply EPS which can handle any toxic and flammable chemicals with suitable system design and material selection to meet the stringent requirement of Oil & Gas and Refinery standards.
Hydrogen Benzene
Chlorine VCM
Ammonia Styrene
Carbon Dioxide Acetone
Hydrogen Sulfide Freon
Hydrogen Cyanide Alcohols
Hydrocarbons MEK
Chlorinated Hydrocarbons Ketones
Gasoline Propylene Oxide
Acids Butadiene
Nitrogen Oxides Isopropyl Ether
Sulfur Dioxides Aniline
Sulfuric Acid Acetates
Caustic Soda Glycols
Oils Chlorinated Hydrocarbons
Alcohols MEK
Kerosene Gasoline
Toluene Acetone
Xylene Acetic Anhydride
Acetic Acid