Water Process System
Physio Chemical Treatment
Physicochemical wastewater treatment is a frequently used technique in the area of wastewater treatment. Physicochemical wastewater treatment techniques are applied for the removal of heavy metals, oils and greases, suspended matter and reducing th concentration of organic substances. The physicochemical wastewater treatment techniques are used as pretreatment, final treatment as well as specific treatment for wastewater reuse as process water.

Physicochemical wastewater treatment techniques are flocculation, coagulation, flotation, neutralization, electro flotation, etc.,

Client: GNFC, India
Production:Toluene Di-Isocyanate
Location: Dahej, India
System Type: Physio Chemical Treatment
Technology Provider:Ovivo Singapore Pte Ltd
Capacity: 3200 Cu.m/Day Waste Water Treatment Plant
Service Provided:Turnkey project
Contract Award: Dec 2010
Completion: Work Under progress
Description of Work: Reduce the BOD, COD & TSS from the Waste Water and helps to reduce the load to secondary treatment.